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Most products give you test-drives and trials before you buy. But once you sign your name on the dotted line, a home and all its faults are yours to keep. Brothers Home Inspection Group, LLC is a skilled home inspection company you can trust in Bedford, OH. Gain leverage in negotiations and leave nothing up to chance.

Buying a new home is scary, we'll ensure you get exactly what you pay for. Call your local home inspector today to set up an appointment.

Why are we the right choice for you?

With Brothers Home Inspection Group, LLC, you can expect nothing but the very best. We provide tremendous value to our clients with:

On-time arrivals and efficient inspection services
Same-day digital reporting
Fully licensed and insured services for your peace of mind
Affordable prices on all inspections

All of our inspections are covered under general liability, errors and omissions insurance coverage plans. With our integrity, honesty and objectivity, we perform reliable and top-quality work every time.

Reach out to your local home inspector today for a free quote.

What are the major benefits of a pre-sale inspection?

When it comes to any important investment, the more information you can get the better. Here are five important reasons to schedule services with our home inspection company:

1. You'll get an inside look at your new home
2. You'll know if a prospective home has hidden issues
3. You can negotiate a better price
4. You can ask a current owner to make repairs
5. You'll experience peace of mind by investing with confidence

Make sure you're making a sound investment. Speak with us today to learn more about our extensive list of inspection services offered in the Bedford, OH area.

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Radon Testing

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Home Inspections

Home Inspections

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Brothers Home Inspection Group, LLC is committed to offering a wide variety of home inspection services. We provide digital reports on the same day. Our knowledgeable home inspectors will inspect your attic, floor, basement, ceiling, wall, insulation, plumbing system and much more at affordable prices.

All our inspections are covered under general liability, errors, and omissions insurance coverage plan. With our integrity, honesty, and objectivity, we perform reliable and top quality work every time.

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