12.1 The inspector shall: 

A. inspect

1. fuel-burning fireplaces, stoves, and fireplace inserts.

2. fuel-burning accessories installed in fireplaces.

3. chimneys and vent systems.

B. describe systems and components listed in 12.1.A.1 and .2.

12.2 The inspector is NOT required to: 

A. inspect

1. interiors of vent systems, flues, and chimneys that are not readily accessible

2. fire screens and doors. 

3. seals and gaskets. 

4. automatic fuel feed devices. 

5. mantles and fireplace surrounds. 

6. combustion air components and to determine their adequacy. 

7. heat distribution assists (gravity fed and fan assisted). 

8. fuel-burning fireplaces and appliances located outside the inspected structures.

B. determine draft characteristics. 

C. move fireplace inserts and stoves or firebox contents.